Terms & Policies


1. A non-refundable deposit can be requested upon acceptance of quotation.

2. Balance for works due within 24 hours of completion of works. Contracts signed with payment details recorded will be debited upon completion.

3. Payment can be made via Cash, Internet Transfer and Credit Card. Cheque payments will only be accepted if prior arrangement with InsulGuard is made in writing.

4. This quotation does not include any costs for unforeseen works that may become apparent or required.

5. Insulation removals include the extraction of insulation materials only (As stated in quotation). Removal of other building materials eg. Old tiles, timber and general rubbish will incur additional charges.

6. Insulation material is supplied and installed to accessible areas. If the client requires removal and installation to inaccessible areas which may require drilling, this will require additional charges.

7. Garage / carports and external storerooms are not included unless specified on quotation.

8. During insulation works, power supply may be switched off as per installers discretion.

9. InsulGuard does not accept liability for safety and security of materials on premises awaiting installation.

10. InsulGuard reserves the right not to be bound by time constraints.

11. InsulGuard is not liable for any works prior or post installation that may be effected by our materials in your structure.

12. InsulGuard does not accept liability for broken tiles prior, during and post installation. If spares are available, will we swap over broken tiles.

13. Whilst all caution is taken in the wall cavity, if damage occurs to old wiring, piping or ducting; InsulGuard takes no responsibility for the repairs.

14. InsulGuard reserves the right to employee a subcontractor.

15. A referral fee may be paid to an entity for referral of works that become rendered.

16. The client understands that should they change their mind and not proceed, the deposit is non-refundable.

17. InsulGuard reserves the right to proceed with works should they choose.

18. When the premises are not occupied at the time of installation, the client authorizes the company to enter the roof for the express purpose of insulation works.

19. Possession of goods does not pass until they are paid for in full.

20. The guarantee on insulation is provided by the manufacture, and their terms and conditions can be found on the manufacturers website.

21. This quote is valid for a period of 60 days and is subject to the attached terms and conditions.