a place that feels like home…

Founded by Michael Mills in 2013, InsulGuard began as a innovative, cavity wall solution for home owners across Perth and Western Australia. 

Fast forward to 2018, InsulGuard is so much more than a "product based" company. Our vision is to take homes "off the grid" through sustainable living. Whether it's a new home, or an existing home, we want everyone to experience "off the grid" living through comfort, security and sustainability. Whether it be to “live off the grid”, save on your your power bills, reduce your carbon footprint or use recycled and sustainable solutions, we create tailored solutions for your home.

Put this into perspective for a moment. You go to a double glazing company for a “quote”. What do you think he will try and sell you? Double glazing. He’ll tell you it’s your biggest problem, he’ll give you all his best “wow” factor stats and tell you whatever he needs to say to “close the sale” (cringe moment). You then go to the insulation company, then the roller shutter company, then the window tinting company… they all say the same thing – that their product is the solution you’re looking for. You’re left confused, up late trolling Google only to be left without any solution but still the problem.

Now wouldn’t it be great to cut the product sales pitch and get a solution tailored to your home? That’s where we play. We listen to your frustrations, wants and desires and tailor a solution not only to your needs, but also your budget.

So how do we do this? Unfortunately, this isn’t an “over the phone just give me a quote” process. Every house is different. The orientation, the windows, the construction, the suburb, the location… it all plays a factor. Sure there is a guideline for an “average” home which we’ve included as a link in the comments section. But we’re tailoring the solution to your home, which includes your house and how you live in it.

Your home is your biggest investment. You should be comfortable, secure and live sustainable in it. We're here to help.